Disciplined Entrepreneurship will equip you with a proven, step-by-step approach, for understanding if your business idea is viable, profitable, and sustainable BEFORE committing any time or money!

And if you already have business or non-profit, you will learn how to improve customer segmentation, increase product-market fit, and drive revenue growth or engagement. If you are stuck, you will be able to identify where to focus and how to move forward.

Thursday & Friday

March 7 - 8

$500 pp (reg. $1,600)

Hilton Garden Inn S. Denver / Park Meadows Area

8am - 5pm | Lunch & Snacks Provided

MITx Knowledge Partner:

Michael McCausland

Mike is the CEO and Founder of the Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs. Having started his career as an NRC licensed nuclear power plant Reactor Operator, his natural talent for assimilating and distilling down complex information, led him into training design and delivery. Mike has extensive experience in both the For-Profit and Non-Profit space, having owned multiple companies and then having been the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit that operated in over 150 countries. Mike has supported efforts in launching over 3000 businesses, in 40 countries, with 73% sustainability rate. LEARN MORE.

For $500, this 2-Day course will equip you with:


How to connect all the pieces in proper perspective when starting a business or investing in scaling an existing one


Which customers you should be targeting and how to build an effective marketing strategy


What your greatest risks are and how to mitigate them

How to fund your business or growth initiative

Identify the best business model for your organization that is sustainable and makes money

When to invest in building a prototype

What the best way is to start making money to achieve cash flow and sustainability

What an eye opener and mind blowing two days it has been. Mike is full of knowledge and experience which makes him an unbeatable teacher, coach and inspiration. No matter if you are just starting out or starting over...it is worth the investment many times over.

Maureen Kalona Kandou

This two day...has provided me completely new insights on how to kick start the new business and have saved me just before falling down into the pit.

Simon Raut

Super informative! So glad I attended this training before going down the wrong path. I’d encourage ANYONE who is dreaming or playing with ideas of a startup to attend this opportunity FIRST!

Jason Nachowicz

...I just didn't view an entire course as strictly necessary, especially on a low budget. I hit a point however, where I knew there was too much I didn't know, and LIFE literally saved me thousands of dollars. It's common sense, foolproof, and doesn't leave anything to chance. There's a formula for starting a successful business, and they teach you exactly what that formula is. It's a big relief to know it's not up to luck. I'd recommend this to anyone thinking of starting any organization, but also those who already have businesses. It will pay off big time.

Katherine Harley

More about the Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs (LIFE): The greatest need in the world today is a good job and more businesses will be started in the next 20 years than all of history combined. It's imperative that entrepreneurs have the core competencies necessary for building successful businesses. The Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs equips entrepreneurs with the skills to create, build, fund, grow, and scale their businesses through content, courses, coaching, capital, and community.