Kerzdenn Kowalchuk

Director of IT

Since 2008, Kerzdenn has thrown himself into establishing seven companies and co-founding another, using his attention to detail and tenacity for problem solving to streamline the most efficient support systems available. His ability to teach has led to developing courses of instruction in the fields of personal and professional photography, transloading products for the oil and gas industry in North America, and national and international entrepreneurship.

Kerzdenn’s businesses have evolved to include live educational events, building websites, business branding, and marketing products. He earned his MBA in 2012 with a focus on start-up businesses. 

As the oil industry boomed across Canada, Kerzdenn became a leading educator for rail transportation for several companies including the Canada National Railway and developed the terminal audit automated manual currently in use today by Foundations Liquid Logistics Limited (FLLL). Establishing Expert Rail Solutions in 2017 provided integrated services between oil producers, Class 1 Railways, and the US/Canadian market.

Kerzdenn developed an end-to-end production solutions company for customers looking to automate their businesses online. He built Learning Management Systems (LMS) for use in higher education across the US.

In his capacity at Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurs (LIFE) as IT Director, Kerzdenn has established online platform, as well as seven other platforms, including Global Entrepreneurship Alliance Online Community platform and the EshipLearning Membership LMS platform. Along with LIFE, Kerzdenn created a cross platform mobile application that facilitates access to offline course viewing in order to support educators in regions with zero internet access. 

Kerzdenn is passionate about solutions review and development nationally and internationally. He maintains a fierce commitment to international communications, real problem identification, and automation to a satisfactory solution.